Stick a Fork in Me

 October 23, 2012


This blog is… was… about adoption: specifically my experience as an adoptive mother going through the adoption process…as it turned out…three times. It's turned into something way bigger than just my mom reading it for an adoption update.  Not quite two years since I started writing here and I've had a million visits.  Crazy right??

But here’s the thing.  We’re done.  Stick a fork in me DONE.  Our family is complete and short of a cataclysmic event foreshadowing the end of days we won’t be adopting again… (Not that I’m being dramatic or anything).

And so that leaves me wondering about what purpose this blog now serves.  What do I have to say about the subject of adoption that countless other more talented writers aren’t already doing in far more intelligent, nuanced and informative ways?

I never intended to become an adoption expert, advocate or policy maker.  I was just sharing my personal experience as an adopting mom.

But I'm not adopting anymore and (maybe this is a good thing) right now my adoptive parenting experience feels pretty much like my bio parenting experience.  Most of the time I’m just a regular mom with regular kids…adoption “issues” at this point are subtle and  secondary to more typical kid concerns like losing a tooth and learning to ride a bike.  Those that do manifest, because of course “it” is always there, seem more personal, private, not appropriately shared in this format.

Sharing the experience, my experience and my struggles as an adoptive parent was ok…and I hoped in some larger community way helpful to someone but now ADOPTION is less my story and more theirs.  I need to respect that.

Now that doesn’t mean I wont brag like crazy about all of my kiddos and subject you to my vacation pictures and updates on spelling bees and the like.  I am after all a crazy in love with my kids mom!

So I might still have to torture you with Nina doing a cartwheel or Macy playing violin or Mia riding a new bike…not to mention Kiefer’s incredible photos and Aidan’s latest band gig and Nolan’s perfect goal.  Sorry…just remember you can always hit the escape button!

As far as other content that might be here…. adoption introduced me to the world of humanitarian aid including orphan aid.  I will continue to work on projects and with groups that minister to orphans and medically under-served people.  That’s what I’m passionate about these days and so that’s what I'll probably write about.   

Adoption might be in there too, when it presents itself in my life,,,my experience... just not in the form of my girl's personal experiences. 

It's a natural evolution...this was always more their story than mine.

I hope that makes sense.

And I thank you for all the incredible support you have given me as I navigated my way  along the bumpy winding road to becoming an adoptive parent.

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