Kaz Photo Log: Love, Love, Love

 May 10, 2013

There are currently 117 children age newborn to 4 years living at the Baby House in Ust Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. At the present time international adoptions from Kazakhstan by US citizens is closed.

Adoptions however are still happening just not at the same rate. We were told during our visit that every infant was already matched with adoptive parents and we observed one preschool girl who was bonding with her Kazakh adoptive parents. While encouraging there are many children in this orphanage and throughout Kazakhstan still in need of adoption, especially older children and children with special needs.

And these kids  want need  deserve families...One particularly precocious  little girl walked straight to me, pulled hard on my arm and demanded, " When is my mother coming for me?...I've been waiting a long time...I want to go home!"

What will we as a society say to this girl and all the other children asking the same question? 

Who will come for them? 

How much longer will they have to wait?


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