October 22, 2012

Can I please just share these gorgeous pics of Miss Bee....taken by her adoring big brother.

I am in love with the joy for life this child has...and awed by the way my sweet son captures it all.They are each a mother's delight.

I think one of the most common (and odd) questions I get is, "how do the boys like the girls?". Ummm they like them, love them and even though they are many years older, they actually play with them.

Like their mom and dad the big brothers in this family are captivated by the joy in these girls...our girls.

Sure they dont love it when curious (sticky) little people get into their stuff but....

honestly, how many big brothers are photographing their little sisters with this sort of love?

and let's face it only a BROTHER would let her climb to the top of the swing set....and on the fence....and jump off the swing....esssh.

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