Bearing Witness

 July 17, 2013

Sharing a few posts from my new blog....

In case you missed it I am now blogging at Bearing Witness (

What we did in Ethiopia

In total we saw more than 400 patients for conditions ranging from simple earaches to severe meningitis. Medical conditions treated included; mumps, pneumonia, fungal infections, herpes (face) infection, a buckle fracture, lacerations, wound care and secondary wound infections as well as complications to leprosy, TB, Typhoid and Aids...

EZ-IO ...(a life saving procedure)

An EZ-IO is a fairly common procedure that involves using an electric drill to drill a needle into the bone which allows the delivery of IV fluids and medications to patients who’s veins are too fragile to permit a more traditional IV.
As I said its a common procedure IN THE ED.


Reflections from a Princess

Reentry after a trip like my last is always an interesting if not difficult process. You simply can’t un-see things…the unjust realities of poverty are hard to understate once intimately experienced and they are nearly impossible to reconcile with “first world” life.

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