TA Guessing Game...Want to Play Along?

 February 20, 2012

Well as you my dear readers know, as of February 7th or 10th (depending on how you count it) I have been waiting on Travel Approval.  I am hoping and praying I get it this week which would make it one of the few things (besides our actual referral) to happen ahead of plan.


So more as distraction than anything else let's have a little contest to see when I will get my TA.  Sort of like picking the delivery date for a pregnant women ehh?

Here are the facts:
  1. My Article 5 was picked up on February 7th and delivered on February 10th.
  2. The average time from A5 to TA over the past 30 days is 24 calender days but that includes the Chinese New Year breaks.
  3. The 90 day average is 20 days and the 2011 average was 19 days.
  4. On Friday families with A5's dated 2/1-2/3 received their TA's, (just 14-17 days!!!).
So what is your prediction, when will we get our TA? (By "get" let's say, when will I be notified by my agency.)

  • Leave a comment with your best guess of date (AND TIME OF DAY for a tie breaker). 
  • ALSO leave the name of your favorite orphan or adoption related charity in the comment.
  • Vote for my blog on Top Mommy Blog (Ok that part's optional and totally on the honor system...I trust you)

The first person to comment with the closest date/time will win a $50 donation for their selected charity.

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