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 April 1, 2011

 So what do you think are we an Inspiring Family?

 (ummm you don't need to say exactly what we inspire ok??)


There's a bit of a contest going on through April 14th ( and you know how much I love contests).  

 This one is by Circle of Moms and they are looking for the... 

Top 25 Most Inspiring Families

Here's what Circle of Mom's has to say about the contest...

Help us find the Top 25 Most Inspiring Families by April 14, 2011 by voting ONCE a day for your favorite blog.

As a parent, your life is full of good days and bad days.

(Cruise followed by trips to the ER with seizing child...good days/bad days, check)

Sometimes just hearing your child cry can turn the whole day around.

(Not sure what they mean here, crying is an everyday thing in our house (but me and the kids). Our day would be turned around 10 times if crying was the trigger.  But let's roll with it. ...crying turns the day around, check)

No matter the odds against this inspirational and courageous group of parents, they never stop fighting for their children.

(Ok now that's every adoptive family I've ever met... Adoptive parents never stop fighting for their children, CHECK!)

That's it no other direction or qualification. Anyway the top 25 vote-getters make the list and I'm hoping just for kicks that we might get in there somewhere.

So for the next couple weeks I would be ever so grateful if you would make a point to click the pink circle each time you stop by.

Thanks for all the clicks my friends, here is the pink circle I mentioned.  Now this is a little different than the other voting button.  You have to click the pink circle then scroll to my blog and click the vote button. But it is only for 2 weeks I promise.  Thank you:)

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