Halloween 2012...All About the Super Heroes

 October 28, 2012

 Halloween is far from my favorite holiday but I have to admit having three little girls to dress up sure makes it fun.

I'm going to be so sad when I don't have any trick or treaters to dress...though at this rate that day might never come!

Triplet Powers Activate!

Vintage Super Girl poses while Pink Super Girl inspects the candy.

Bat Girl's turn to ham it up....notice the candy inspection continues.

Somebody is silly with excitement.

POW! Ready to fight crime!

ZAP! Ready for her manicure.
BAM! Who needs a wig when your hair can do THIS!

Let's get some candy!!!!!!!!
Why are they taking so long?  We rang the bell 12 times!

Holy Bat-Candy...this Halloween thing is awesome!

Rocking the red hair.

Sweet as candy.

Super, errrrr, Nolan jumped on the super hero band wagon approximately seven minutes before it was time to trick or treat.

Super Swag...if you're 12.

Super (Sassy) Sisters.
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