My Purse as a Metaphor for Life

 July 2, 2012

Just Click To Send A Vote For Us @ Top Mommy BlogsIf this was my house I would staring in an episode of Hording: Buried Alive.

Thankfully it's just my purse dumped onto my desk.

A quick inventory reveals; keys, hair bow, candy, multiple packs of giveaway Band-aids from a trade show, 26 receipts, key card from hotel at trade show, passport (last used in China), multiple pens (one covered in melted Reese's Pieces), brochures for the Jet Express, Kalahari map, unused Kalahari water park wristbands, vampire teeth-pink, wallet, $42 plus change-not in wallet, American Express-not in wallet, lipstick, nail polish, 12 random business cards, stack of my own business cards, Safety Town graduation certificates, program from a gymnastics show, contact info for a new babysitter, two coupons for free pizza, audio book on CD, empty water bottle, rechargeable game room card, arcade prize tickets, Kleenex, airline boarding passes, drivers license-also not in wallet-expired since May (ooops), and crumbs.

And this is exactly how life feels these days; messy, over-stuffed, unorganized, confused, undisciplined and just a little bit crumbly.

But, like my purse life is also filled with bits of sweetness, fun, color, surprise, whimsy, acheivements, travel and unexpected riches, and

... two coupons for free pizza.

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