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 April 2, 2012

To the best grandparents on the planet....Doug and Jan Printy! (BTW Mia is named in honor of her Gramma Jan.)

I love my husband's parents and seriously you would too. They are quintessential, salt of the earth, mid west nice, Christian sort of people.

Grampa can fix anything and Gramma can bake anything. They are almost cliche in their grand parenting perfection.

They are snowbirds who winter in Florida (of course) and they took care of the girls there while we were in China.

But they didn't just "babysit"they joyfully loved on them.

Each day was filled with plenty of old fashioned fun and each day we got a note with photos letting us know the delicious details of their Florida adventures. They were too cute not to share...

"Sunday at the pool after church and lunch , girls find new bed for dog carrier or better known as or magazine rack. Something Biblical about being carried on Sunday in a Basket but without the loaves and fishes. New version translated as dog and flees. Baptizing at SCC pool with the ecumenical faithful congregation the same each day of the week. NO, Bonsai can not go in the pool and he is not an official service dog girls,just at our house All four female nerds with tablets while grandpa watches NCAA basketball. Got to go,Off to Wal Mart on golf cart with Nina and Macy to shop."

"Installation using Natural materials found in Florida on ##### Blvd. which represent over coming boredom by Macy Printy in collaboration with Nina Printy at Winter Florida School of the Arts."

"Oh, such a busy day ahead. First the girls and I mean all three turned in at 9:30 and slept til 8:00 a.m. They love to put Bonsai in the crate when Macy and Nina go for their bedtime story. They love to get up and put the dogs out when they wake up. Breakfast of eggs, juice, water and pop tarts just before we clean up our art work. Now we are off to McKechnie Field at 9:00 a.m. for employee pictures of the Pittsburgs Pirates and visit with Players before the start of the Pirate vs. Red Sox's game in Bradenton. "When are we going to get there?" The girls are especially full of joy to be out of the car. We now have a golf cart ride from employee's parking lot to the special entrance where we use our VIP security passes and walk up to the grand stand and view the beautiful manicured lawn where the players are starting to warm up for the !:00 p.m. game with Boston. Macy starts a coversation with the ball players from the box seat section. This girl loves sports and anyone looking to trow, catch or run with the ball. What an American. Nina is happy to be any place she can run free and dance. I told her these are the steps but smaller then Russia's steps but she didn't catch on. However she still loved the steps. Returning home to SCC we proceeded to have lunch, stop by the Hospital, visit the new Keller William realistate sales people ( see them on dutie ) in front of office, Stop Rite, Home  Depot, Burger King, Taco Bell, on the way to returning books and DVDs all while traveling in the you guessed it, the golf cart.

 Company from Hornell tonight for dinner and we are staying out of gramma's way ."

"Biking, swimming, horseback riding, carnival, concert and ready for bed. I mean, let the girls stay up we are going to bed. See you in the morning. Oh yah, We had some Kaz Bread or sometimes called funnel cake in America. They were not interested in just funnel bread until the true origin was explained."

"Four more eggs for Macy and bowl of cereal for Nina.  Gramma. "we want to learn how to read". Ok, Lets work on letters A thru E today and words.

One hour in class, and one hour off to SCC outside at pool and off to the Aquarium where we touched all kinds of sea creatures.  Manta rays. bamboo sharks, star fish, etc.. Best was the largest sand box in Tampa. back to the water park and back to the sand box until we closed the place and got thrown out during rush hour. Arrived home just in time to play with Bonsai until dinner of pork roast, gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes and brownies. Time for video and bed time story and asleep by 8;30.

Can't wait for 8:00 a.m. with two little brown faces holding little dog at end of our bed friday morning.. Syracuse won 64 to 63 over Wisconson."

"Went to the pool had lunch ,played with Bonsai, went for bike ride, had visit with neighbor and B.D.party, made cookies for trip home to Ohio.So busy packing for Ohio tomorrow."

"I'm a chick magnet. I was trying to take a nap before going to airport. My friends wanted to keep track of me."

"All good things come to an end. Girls are picked up by Dad off to the airport.this evening is sooo quiet and Bonsai is looking for someone to carry her around and there is no one here but us old folks. They said good bye to the neighbors."

Gramma even made a scrap book of their Florida vacation which the girls have already taken to school to show off to their friends!

What a blessing to know your children are so well cared for and so well loved.

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