Our China Itinerary

 March 5, 2012

I love it when a plan comes together!  Actually I just love having a plan:)...

And if that's not busy enough for you at some point the Butterfly and I are going to take the train to Changsha to bring donations (and hugs) to our friends at the Butterfly House!

Now before ya'll start lecturing me about this not being a vacation let me say that the Butterfly comes first and this Mama Butterfly won't be pushing her to do anything more than she can ENJOY.

I know to some this might look like the Bataan Death March but this is how we roll when we are trying to get a lot in in a short time with a big group.  We are all experienced travelers as well as an experienced adoptive family so we get the priorities BUT we are also an active, fun, burn it at both ends family too and if our newest family member can keep up, we are going for the China full Monty!

The Starbucks instant is packed and as the saying goes....we can sleep when we're dead.

We are so close to jumping all the way to #2 this week
...#1 by the time I go to China would be awesome!
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