Post Vacation Depression

 March 28, 2011

I went on a cruise.

There was food.

A lot of food.

Fruity umbrella drinks too (as I recall).

And, no surprise.

I gained weight.

A lot of weight.

SEVEN pounds.

Yeah you heard me.

That's one pound for every day of the cruise!

It's hard to fathom except that I have come to accept this is my new (and totally unwelcome) middle aged metabolism.

But seven pounds?

Is that record of some sort?

A personal "best" for sure.

I am an optimist.

In the morning anyway.

Before I step on the scale.

I set myself up for disappointment.


But this number shocked me.

Insulted me.

Assaulted me.

If that's not enough my sunburned skin is all gross and peely.

wah wah wah




Every picture I have of me on vacation includes food...

did you know voting burns calories?

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