Just in case she licks the walls...

 March 7, 2012

I’ve washed them.

Why do new babies in the house make you want to sterilize the place?  I mean she is 3 and odds are she isn’t actually going to lick the walls, right?

My housekeeper (who I’m hoping won't hate me or quit me or both) has a long list of spring/baby cleaning projects for the 2 weeks we are gone along with grocery shopping and laundry (yeah I know-I'm spoiled.)

But whether it's me or my proxy doing the work, nesting is in full force.

And of course there is the extra nesting effort, unique to international adoption, that is travel prep!

There are currently 14 suitcases in various states of packing strewn around my house.  They have taken over my bedroom and our music room.  Even with that there are still boxes of donations left to be packed and we are out of bags.  After a year of delivering donations and leaving suitcases behind (never mind the 14 bags we have already packed) we are running low on luggage. We are thinking about uses hockey bags since it appears we have enough to open our own Play it Again Sports franchise. (Note to self- we get back from China open PIAS franchise.) I'm not worried...one way or another we will get it all there!

Frankly as a mom in full on nesting mode I am happy for the distraction that comes with the cleaning, packing, planning.  It feels good to have something concrete to work on.  And I have a certain mommy peace knowing my walls are lickably clean.

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