I Need a Nap

 December 5, 2011

I have neglected my blogging duties over the past few days but I know all of you mom’s out there will get it.  

It is December.  December 5th...and I’m already exhausted.

And as we all know this is the time of the year when on top of all the usual stressors we must now add;

Decorating the house,
Cutting down the tree,
Trimming the tree(s),
Organizing the annual holiday photo,
Ordering the Christmas cards,
Writing and sending the cards,
Buying the presents for teachers and coworkers and baby sisters and mailmen, kids, and everyone else on the list
Wrapping said presents,
Finding the matching Christmas jammies,
Baking the cookies,
Building the gingerbread house,
Planning and shopping for the holiday dinner,
Pulling out the Christmas china and polishing the silverware,
Attending the kid’s Christmas concerts,
Hosting a holiday party,
Attending holiday parties,
Remembering to move the Elf on the Shelf each night

All I want for Christmas is a nap.

This weekend was a tree marathon weekend...once again a trip to Amish country to cut down the perfect tree.

Cutting of the Tree

Middle Child ...our official lumberjack

A family affair...

Even the little give it a go.

Christmas tree complete with bird's nest!

The Girls decide they want their own tree!
The Ladybug was thrilled with her tree selection!

The Bugs caused quite stir as they carried their tree to the barn to be tied.

One last goodbye to the horse on their way to the car.

Go Go Girl Power...notice the boys behind them struggling with the big tree:)

Three Trees Ready for Santa

Music room tree...a butterfly tree of course! OK full disclosure the whole room is decorated in butterflies)
close up on The Butterfly's tree.
Girl Power tree...the dolls are even creepier than the elf on a shelf!
Great room tree...traditional tree full of memories.
...and for those who scrolled all the way to the end here's a twist...the tree we cut down is NOT the tree we brought home.  Turns out there was some sort of mix up and (I guess) some other family took our tree. All that mud and muscle for naught.  Well not really. The tree we ended up with was much nicer and it was already cut and ready to go in the barn.  No muss, no fuss, we picked it out whilst sipping hot chocolate.  However it did not have a bird's nest (boo).  So far the girls haven't noticed.

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