Mommy is MY Mommy!

 April 2, 2011

A conversation overheard between Nina and Macy.  (try to imagine Nina saying this with the same lilt in her voice as when she told the story in the video)

Macy:  Nina stop it or I will tell mommy.

Nina: I don’t like you anymore Macy.  I’m not your friend.

Macy: That’s not nice Nina.  Mommy says don’t say that.

Nina: Well..... you are going back to China.  You have a China Mama. SHE is your mommy and she says you have to go home.

Macy:  No Nina. China Mama is NOT my mommy she is my friend.  Mommy is my mommy.  I am NOT going back to China. I am staying with mommy forever.

Ok on the surface it seems pretty awful. 

And Nina, well she’s 4. 

And she knows everybody’s buttons.

But what I actually LOVE about this is Macy’s confidence about her permanence in our family. Her family.

It’s a pretty complicated situation for a 4 year old to get straight.  A birth family, a 2 fosters families, her forever family.

And while she doesn’t really understand it all.  I mean how could she?

She gets the most important part.

We and she are here to stay.

And even when her sister threatens to ship back on the next boat to China, Macy’s confidence in her position with us is unwavering.

I am so proud of her.  Happy for her.

I have to admit, I have shared the “mother” title, with China Mama all these months.

Never wanting Macy to think for a second that she had to stop loving her foster mother in order to love me, I didn't push it. 

And it wasn’t easy for me.

So I cannot deny that,  I LOVED hearing her say I am her MOMMY.

Macy's Mommy.


And for the record, after this conversation they calmly came to me to ask if they could take a bath. 


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