Jelly, Jelly Peanut Butter... Rooster on my Head!

 April 1, 2011

This is a little glimpse of Nina, my petulant princess.

Gotta love how pleased she is with herself.  No lack of self esteem here.

She seems quite sure that she is the most charming thing on the planet doesn't she?  

I want to tell you all a story but not yet...

(maybe tomorrow if I don't cough up a lung and die first. wah wah flu)

I hesitate because Nina doesn't come across very positively in the story.

Without understanding her

and her impish (and often unintentionally annoying) ways

she might seem


So watch this first.

Let her charm you with her indecipherable stories of someone saying something and peanut butter and jelly and a rooster on her head.

I think.

And then after you think she couldn't get any more sweet and adorable.

I'll tell you the other story.

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