Heartwarming Responses

 March 8, 2011

Over the past couple of days so many beautiful families have stepped forward to share their special needs adoption story. 

I wanted to share as many as I could with all of you.

 In addition to the families included in the comments section of my original post titled, "What is a Special Needs Child" here is a  listing blog links with more special needs kids.

Enjoy the faces of Special Need Adoption:

Living This Crazy Amazing Life

Treasured Pearls

Getting Lucy


Our Happily Ever After

Dragons and Elephants

Walking On Sunshine

Wild Rice Bunch

Just a "Min"ute Mom

Mike and Diane and Tribe

Hope, Love and Unexpected Joy

I Am What I Do

In the Waiting Adoption

Ni Hao Y'all

Drawing Maps of China

Only the Size of a Mustard Seed!

On another timely note, yesterday morning the TODAY SHOW featured the Twietmeyer's a wonderful family with 7 bio kids plus 6 more children adopted from Africa, oh yeah and two of them have HIV.

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