What is a "Special Needs" Child?

 March 6, 2011

 Sadly this how waiting children with special needs are often seen...

Girl, 2yrs, non verbal, strabismus, TB positive/exposed, orphanage related delays, background issues to consider


Girl, 4yrs, 8/2006, cleft lip, cleft palate repaired, possible thalassemia

but THIS is WHO they are...

Adorable two year old spitfire, loves to accessorize, talks and giggles non stop and can't get enough tickles.

Four year old charmer, bright, loving and sensitive.  She lights up the room with her smile and melts your heart with her sweet kisses.

These are MY perfect to me children but I'm not alone.

I didn't just get lucky.

Right now there are beautiful, loving children WAITING

for a family to love them.

They are not broken, or too old, or second best.

In fact they are


Once you see past the label. 

I am inviting readers to share their special needs adoption stories.

Leave a comment or link to your story.

Show us the real ** BEAUTIFUL**  face of special needs adoption.

 Keep voting...I want the whole world to know about the incredible joy of adoption!

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