Team Chen Zhou

 March 9, 2011

I'm heading back to China in June.

Nope not adopting another child.

Just heading over to love on them for a while.


Perhaps the thing I enjoy most about writing this blog is that it has introduced me to so many wonderful people. (I'm not exaggerating when I say through this blog I've met a group of women who have become some of my dearest friends.)

Last week once again through the blogosphere I was introduced to yet another amazing person.

She is Shannon,

a China mom,

who knows another Kaz mom,

who reads my blog

(see what I mean?)
Turns out Shannon is leading a group of volunteers on a Christian missionary trip to orphanages in China for two weeks in June.

The trip is coordinated through Visiting Orphans and it will include work in the SWI in Chen Zhou as well as a visit to Shepard's Field Children's Village outside of Beijing.

Visiting Orphans mission statement is "to awaken the body of Christ to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the 163 million orphans by visiting them, loving them, and sharing the Father’s heart."


I am hopeful that in addition to sharing a bit of my time and love I will be able to advocate for some of the children once I get home. (I promise lots of photos and videos!)

Right now in the midst of my six (now five-not that I'm counting) months of prayerful contemplation about a third adoption, THIS feels exactly like what I should be doing.

China, orphans, advocating.


I knew immediately that I wanted to join Shannon on this trip but there isn't a lot of prep time and my calender is already full with travel plans.

Oh and have I mentioned I have five kids?

But I need to do this.

So it is going to be a little crazy in terms of travel this year.  This trip leaves on June 6th which is the day after Kazapalooza. I'm one of the planners so I have to be there.  Just got to figure out if I fly straight from Fl to China or go home first.

Minor details.

The bigger challenge is I'm going to India in May for business (and hopefully a day visiting an orphanage there) and I have already committed to another **wonderful** orphan ministry trip to Kazakhstan with Two Hearts for Hope in September.

Dust off the passport.

Pack the Imodium.

Let the Asian Orphan Tour commence!

My girlfriend teased that I will be on my own Eat, Pray, Love adventure

"without the eating or the hot guy".

I assured her I would be eating.

Anyway that's what I'm up to today.

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