April 7, 2010

I emailed Nancy at Great Wall Today and asked about our Article 5. Nope it still isn't here. She said she thinks it should have been picked up on April 1st. Her last update was just through March 30th. She doesn't want to ask her contact for updates too frequently (really don't get that but whatever). She basically said I will call you when I hear something. HUMPF.

So the good news is I really don't need to know when the Article 5 is picked up for our adoption to continue moving forward. If it was April 1st then that means we have been chugging along towards our TA for almost a week now. Given the recent turn around times I have followed on Rumor Queen that means we could possible see our TA anytime now. I will most likely be another two weeks but could be ANY time!

I surely hope it is soon. There is this chart maintained on the Rumor Queen site that tracks how long families have been waiting for a TA and today two families ahead of us got there TA's (great for them!) and we hit the top of the charts, meaning we have been waiting longer than any other family on the list. This I assure you is a dubious distinction I would rather not have.

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