Nina say "butt"

 January 2, 2009

We almost can't believe it, Nina is repeating everything she hears. She is a sponge for language. I am not sure what to think since we were told that she has a developmental delay in language. According to the babyhouse director that she understands everything but speaks very few words. I am begining to wonder if maybe the problem was noone spoke to her because she has picked up so many english words and phrases in just the last couple of days it is hard to keep up. So far this is what she is saying;

Daddy, big bus (with arms open wide), car (followed by vrooom vrooom), all done, all gone, poopie, bye bye, book, more and uht-oh . Also we get "uh ah" with a shake of the head for no (a lot) :).

Of course now that she is a bonified parrot, the boys have made it their full time job to teach her to say "butt", ha ha ha-very funny boys.

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