Last Night in Ust

 January 2, 2009

This is our last night in Ust-Kamenogorsk; we leave for Almaty tomorrow afternoon. We thought we were meeting in the lobby with two other couples adopting at the baby house for a bon voyage drink but things quickly spiraled out of control. The employees here at the Shiny River were having their New Year’s party and I guess since we have all been here so long they decided to include us in the festivities. It started with a bottle of vodka brought to us by one of the partying security guards and ended up with music, dancing and some weird potato thing on a string game, (which Dart won!) We can still here the music pumping away but I think we left just in time. A rather large blond woman looked like she had Dart in her sights. A few more swings of the potato and we might not have been able to hold her back.

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