"All done."

 December 31, 2008

First Tubby (without screams)

Taking it all in at the Pizza Blues play area

Full out giggle fest

America's Next Top Model

Slides are fun when Mommy helps

Happy New Year! It was a party in Kazakhstan last night. Fireworks, music, dancing and Father Frost even came while we were asleep. Kiefer went out with our translator Arman last night and he still isn't back. I would worry if he was with anyone else but I know he is just having a good time (or recovering from one). I am very happy to have 2008 behind us and grateful to finally have a year of enjoying my daughter rather than waiting for her.

Nina is starting to speak in english! We have had an explosion of babble, words in Russian (I think) and now english. This morning at the end of breakfast Nina put up both hands and said "all done". Unreal, I can hardly say hello in Russian. Any worries I once had have faded away. It is both heartwarming and sad to think how much progress these little toddlers can make when they have a real family.

Lots more pics I want to share. Enjoy.

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