Santa Clausakhstan

 December 16, 2008

I came across this article today. Nolan is so excited...

Santa Claus manages to stay hidden all year because he really lives in Kazakhstan and not the North Pole, according to claims by a team of Swedish experts.

A special team working for the Swedish logistics and consulting firm SWECO said it had calculated that Santa's home would have to be located in a mountain range that lay across the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to be best located to make all his deliveries.

They said that based on the Earth's rotation and demographic data - the Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan border mountain range would be the best place for Father Christmas to set off from on Xmas Eve to deliver all his presents.

The team worked out what the best and quickest route would be - and found that all roads led not to Rome - or the North Pole - but the remote mountain region on the Kazakhstan border.
Anders Larsson, consultant at SWECO, said: "It might explain why he's not seen that often the rest of the year."

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