What is wrong at the Kazakhstan Embassy in DC?

 December 15, 2008

I have to say my experience in Kazakhstan has been wonderful, with one exception: the KZ Embassy in DC. It seems that every time I need anything from the Embassy we have problems and delays. Our dossier was held up for months when they stopped accepting them back in February. Our first request for Visas sat in a pile until we hired someone to go to the Embassy and shake them loose. This time we hired the Assistant Stork right away to obtain the 5 Visas we needed for the second trip and still we have problems. According to the folks at the Assistant Stork for the first time in 13 years, our applications were denied because we did not attache separate letters of request to each of the 5 applications. OK, no big deal we fixed that. Now they have been denied again because there is a small tear on the cashiers check (not visible to the human eye according to our rep there). So Dart is running out to the bank to get another check (one made of Teflon I hope) so he can overnight it to DC. If that works we should get our Visas on Friday. I am not really worried because I know it will all work out, just another wrinkle, but seriously what is wrong at this Embassy?

I guess the positive thing I will pass on to those who still face getting anything thru the Embassy is the rest of the process was amazingly smooth and easy. And, in the end worth every bit of effort.

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