It's Miller Time!

 December 11, 2008

Congrats to the Miller family on the adoption of their two beautiful boys. During our stay in Ust we met Jill and Wade. They were a Godsend in helping us through our homesickness. We had the privilege of seeing them with their boys through the early bonding period. Almost immediately you could see that this family was meant to be together. (More and more I am convinced that there is no coincidence in adoption just destiny.) Today I received an email from Jill telling me they went to court and the adoption was granted. Yahoo!

Jill was also sweet enough to send along a photo of Nina. (Nina is in the same group as her oldest son.) Silly but my stomach just fluttered when I saw her wearing the pink shoes we got her. Like my mark on her...she's mine. Thanks Jill, as I am sure you know already, the separation is the hardest part. I pray it will pass quickly for you.

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