Nina BaNina Cheerio!!

 November 15, 2008

We had another good visit this morning with our darling girl. Now that she is willing to take food from us, we have an easy way to connect with her. For such a tiny little munchkin, she can really pack in the Cheerios. She looks like a squirrel with her cheeks full of nuts. We have begun calling her Nina Ba-nina Cheeri-O, (hey Aunt Lisa remember Lisa pizza daddy-O?).

And, for the first time Nina was willing to walk over to Dart. Of course, it was because he had the snacks! She would walk over to him, snatch her prize and then run back into my arms for safety. It was very cute and Dart is so happy for any positive interaction. It is sweet listening to this hulk of a guy talk about, how soft her skin is and how tiny her fingers are. I know it is killing him that she will not yet let him hold her-soon she will learn he is just a big teddy bear-her big teddy bear.
Towards the end of our visit, Nina seemed tired and she was starting to get cranky. The doctor came in and told us she had a fever and her throat was red. They gave her some medicine though of course, they never say what, (it is hard not having any say so in the matter but that is how it is) and then it was time to say good-bye.
Tomorrow is the last day of our official bonding period. The following day (Monday) we will file for a court date and by Tuesday we will have a court appointment. We are planning to fly home the same day as court so we should know by Tuesday when we will be home. Our original plans called for a return on December 7th but it looks like it will be sooner. I’m glad. I really REALLY miss the boys.

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