End of Formal Bonding Period

 November 16, 2008

Today was our last day of the required 14 day bonding period. We are going to the notary office at 9am and will file our petition to adopt with the court. Check another thing off the list. So many hoops and hurdles to adopt in Kazakhstan-this feels like a big one.

Our morning with Nina Bea was good. We are starting to see more and more personality(stubbornness :)!) and it is wonderful. Every time I see "normal" terrible two stuff I am thrilled- a little different than my last go round with a toddler-perspective I guess. I didn't realize with the boys how very lucky I was to have every minute with them.

This second chance at parenthood is a gift.

Today we asked to see where Nina sleeps. She shares her room with 15 other cuties. Poor Nina thought we were sending her to bed with no lunch though and she was not happy about it. Ohhhh, such drama!!!!!

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