Smiles and Giggles

 November 17, 2008

What a great day. We started out by going to the Notary to sign documents-we don't ask, they don't tell, we just sign! There was a bit of a squabble between Alma our Coordinator and the Notary and apparently some of the documents were not processed but Alma assures us she will "take care of it". I trust her. I have to. Frankly she really seems to have this under control. We are constantly amazed at how Alma seems to know everyone. She is very competent always in control. I can not imagine being here with another Coordinator-this is Alma's baby house! Anyway the issue with the Notary did not prevent us from filing at the courthouse and we did that immediately following. (we are standing, fingers crossed, in front of the courthouse.) Tomorrow we should have our court date-PRAY FOR A COURT DATE BY THE 25TH...NOLAN'S BIRTHDAY IS NOV 26TH AND WE WOULD LOVE TO BE THERE!

After all the administrative stuff we went to the baby house to see Nina. I don't know what flip has switched but everyday is better than the last with her. Today Dart fed her a yogurt which she loved. She then started playing with me-I mean really playing. She let me swing her in the air and tickle her. She not only smiled but full out giggled. She's got the sweetest voice ,very soft, very girly.

Another positive sign we are making the grade with Nina...The other kids in the room greet us everyday by saying hello and running to hug us. We always hug back as they are too adorable to resist. Today Nina was not happy about any other child hugging me. She pushed them away from me and buried her head into my chest. My toddler DOESN'T share, and I couldn't be more pleased.

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