Looking for a Crystal Ball

 July 2, 2008

Photo Title: Girls In Astana (Kazakhstan)

The next milestone in our Kaz adoption is the assignment of a region. Yesterday I sent an email to my agency asking for their best guess as to when this might happen and when I might travel. I am trying to get a sense for if, and when, I need to update my USCIS paperwork (uggghh). Our approval from US immigration expires on January 17, 2009. We need to file for an extension if we aren't able to complete our adoption before then.

What I was told is there is a family that is one month ahead of us who has already been assigned a region. This tells me we may have a region assignment this month. BUT this family is also hoping to adopt a girl (translation-longer wait) and they have been told they will not likely travel until October. If this is an indication of what we can expect then my best guess is we will travel this winter. Looks like we have to refile with USCIS-darn.

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