I'm Home and I'm LID

 October 3, 2011

And I'm not sure which is better.

I arrived home yesterday in the late afternoon and today am tired beyond anything explained by mere jet lag.  Among other things, Kazakhstan was a travel adventure rivaling an episode of The Amazing Race.  Trains, planes, automobiles oh my. I think we spent more than half our time in transit. 

Travel rigors aside the experience was life changing, eye opening and emotionally complex. I desperately wanted to share it all here but the lack of Internet access combined with our our ambitious schedule got in the way. 

The few times I could blog I was too overcome with exhaustion and emotion to organize my thoughts.  I'm still sorting it all out.

I am however very glad to be home.

Me, exhausted and sleeping on a park bench in Taraz Kazakhstan.

I'm going to try to reconstruct it all this week.

If I stay awake... 

Past 7:30pm (when the girls go to bed) .

On the China adoption front we learned (much to our relief) that our dossier was logged in on September 26th, just four days before the deadline that would have caused us to redo our home study with a new agency. 

Our next big milestone is the LOA/LSC which is the official match with the Butterfly.  It's looking like that will take 74 days.  At least that's what the average time is currently.  For some the wait has been even longer (in excess of 100 days) and for others it has come quickly. 

There is no way of telling where we will fall in this range. (Pray)

Anywho, I missed you all... hope you missed me too. Stop back tomorrow and I will tell you a little more about our trip.  As my cohort Susan said, it was very missiony!

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