Rumor Queen

 February 2, 2010

Hey we made it to the big time!!! Our blog was listed on Rumor Queen ,(aka China Adopt Talk) under the monthly "Babies" post. That's where the families with new referrals are listed and after 39 months of waiting it's finally our turn!!!  Ahhh funny the little milestones we celebrate along the way.  Of course I can't be the only one marking time on Rumor Queen because since we were listed yesterday this blog has has more than 1,500 hits. Ni Hao new friends!

BTW our I800 has left the should arrive in Texas tomorrow.  Lets hope it hits the desk of a case worker who is hyper efficient, not back logged, super heathy and without vacation plans (bathroom breaks optional), we would love to get our cable in record time!

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