Anchors Away!!!!

 June 26, 2008

On Sunday Dart and I went for a training walk for the Komen 3 Day. We walked about 11 miles so we had a little time to talk. Somehow we got on the topic of boating and by the time we got back from the walk we had decided to buy a boat! It only took about 2 hours from the time we first talked about a boat until the time we bought one-what can I say that's how we roll (or float)!! We picked up our little lake boat (and ropes, wake boards, tubes etc.) today. We think it will be a blast for the boys who are, (not surprisingly), thrilled at the thought of being dragged at 50 miles per hour across the water. It is not the sailboat I've been wanting (afterall I am a Rhode Island girl) but truth is this will fit our family a whole lot better. Sailing although amazing does require work. This boat is all fun! does it sound bad that I can't wait to tie my kids to a rope and drag them through the lake ? Maybe best to keep that out of the home study-might not translate well to Russian!

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