Agencies Denied Hague Accreditation

 July 3, 2008

I post this for anyone getting started on their adoption journey...

The DOS published an updated list of agencies that have been denied accreditation yesterday.( July 1, 2008 was the statutory deadline for publishing the list).

  • A.A.C.

  • Adoption Blessings Worldwide

  • Adoption From the Heart

  • Adopt International

  • Angel's Haven Outreach

  • Celebrate Children

  • Children's House International

  • Commonwealth Adoptions International Inc.

  • DeColores Adoptions International

  • Florida Home Studies and Adoptions

  • Focus on Children dba Focus on Children of Wyoming

  • Las Estrellas dba Adoption Partners
  • PLAN Loving Adoptions Now
  • World Partners Adoption
  • Worldwide Adoption Services

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