Zap! Bam! Pow!

 July 25, 2012

There is something about the dynamic of three.

It seems there is always somebody on the outs. 

ZAP!  These days it's usually this deceptively sweet looking little imp who is left in her big sisters' dust.

(Don't be too worried though she is VERY keen on getting her fair share of attention.  Trust me on this, nobody puts this baby in the corner.)

BAM! Most often it is our other, ahemdemanding personality...(the one who grows a curl every time she has an ornery thought), who decides who's voted on and off the island. It can be a ruthless elimination.

(All I can say is Lord help us -and any other man, woman or beast who gets in her way- when the queen of the mean girls is a teenager. )

POW! Although to be fair at any given hour the pairing can be any two of the three.  (Even the Queen B can find herself on the outside looking in.)

And then there is the rare and wonderful occasion when a temporary three way peace is brokered (usually by the oldest sib in the trio) and it's the three musketeers...all for one, one for all!

but truth be told that's usually...sigh...when they go full on girl power... to gang up against "the stinky brothers".

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