Singles Allowed to Adopt from China

 March 14, 2011

Starting tomorrow singles will be able to adopt children from China's Special Focus program. 

Children in the Special Focus Program are those who have been on the shared list for more than 2 months or have needs great enough to be placed there from the beginning.  They are by definition harder to place children.  They are often older but not always and sometimes include older healthy children. 

I think this is great news for the 2.000 kids that wait for families each month in China.  BTW my sweet "Molly" is a special focus child.

There are a couple of extra "rules" for singles including a limit of 2 children already in the home with the youngest being at least 6 years old. By in large though the qualification requirements are very similar to the standard program.

It will be interesting to see if the CCAA even keeps to these "rules", since recently many adoptive families have received waivers for things like; age, income, number of children already in the home.  Also there are many families who are now adopting two children at the same time.

I suppose none of this is "ideal". 

There will be critics. (There always are.)

It would be wonderful if every family came packaged with a mom and dad and unlimited income and no other children to share attention.

It would also be wonderful if there were no children waiting for months and years and even lifetimes for a mom of their own.

And while we are dreaming it would be nice if there wasn't infertility and every person who wanted to marry could find the right person or be allowed to marry whom thy choose and of course we should all have great jobs, beautiful homes, a big bank account and lots of time off from work.

All I know is starting tomorrow some very loving parents are going to find their very lovable children.

BTW speaking of lovable children here is a picture of mine singing at church this it my imagination or are they the only two singing???

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