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 January 13, 2009

Nina had her first visit with our family pediatrician this afternoon. It is official she is a healthy little peanut. Nina is definitely on the small baby charts. Her height is less than the 3rd percentile, weight between the 5th and 10th percentile. Her head circumference though was 25-50th percentile so normal range. She weighs a whopping 22 pounds! In the waiting room she played with a little 9 month old boy who was bigger than her, wow!!!

Nina loved her doctor at the baby house and I’ve heard the same from other adoptive parents. I am beginning to think that the doctors at the orphanage gave the kids much needed individual attention. Consequently Nina’s reaction to the doctor’s office was entirely positive. When we sat her on the exam table she immediately picked up the stethoscope and put it around her neck like she must have seen the doctor do. Then she put it on her ears and “listened” to her heart. It was just amazing to see how much detail is absorbed by our little sponge.

I know the image quality is poor but we had to grab a quick photo of her with the cell phone…too cute.

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