Kazapalooza 2009

 January 22, 2009

I remember learning about the first Kazapalooza last year and thinking it looked like a fun time. I loved looking at the pictures of all those beautiful faces and I was so wishing my baby was already here. But of course back then I was still waiting for our dossier to be sent to Kazakhstan. Wow, what a difference a year makes!

Nina is here and she is a blessing beyond measure to us. Moreover she is happy and healthy and adjusting well enough that I feel confident about committing to going to Kazapalooza 2009. So we will be heading to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville for the June 5-7 festivities. I am hoping to see some of the families I have met along this journey (either in person or thru the blogosphere). So many in the Kaz adoption community have inspired and supported us throughout this past year, it will be nice to finally meet some of them (and their Kaz Cuties) in person. If you are going too please drop me a line. Hope to see you there!!!!

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