Sibling Attachement

 April 1, 2009

Vacation was great but it is nice to be home. I think one of the best parts of the whole trip was when we walked thru the door and Nina ran around the house absolutely filled with joy to be home. It was clear that she recognized that this was her home and her room and her toys. Fairly unremarkable stuff until you consider the fact that Nina has only been home for less than 90 days. This is just one of the many ways I see her firmly attaching herself to her forever-family.

I get asked a lot about the boys and how they are doing with Nina. I’m never quite sure if people just ask to ask something or if maybe they think there should be a problem. It always strikes me as a little odd but perhaps I am just oversensitive here. The fact is the boys have accepted Nina as their sister in a matter of fact fashion. Nina is their little sister end of it, what’s to talk about? They love her and she loves them right back. A few examples of siblings love...

Every morning Nolan greets his sister with a VERY excited "Hi Neeenya" and she responded "Hi Nol-yun". This morning Nina yelled from her high chair to Nolan “hurry up Nol-yun, bus!”

Nina gets very excited when she sees Kiefer and calls after him saying “Keeka do” which means, "Kiefer do that thing where you throw me high in the air and scare Mommy half to death", and of course he does it and she giggles and begs for more.

Aidan, aka "Aaaa-dun", spends most of his time training Nina to do stupid baby tricks like growling and saying “evil”-classic.

They are knit together so tightly I can hardly fathom they just met each other a few months ago.

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