March 9, 2008

This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny sunny sky and almost 2 feet of the white stuff. It snowed pretty steadily from Friday afternoon through last night and we have been house bound the whole time but here I thought it was because we just wanted to spend a cozy, snowy weekend together. I t turns out that we couldn't have left the house if we wanted to!

My sister Lisa called me this morning. That's not unusual Lisa calls me every weekend, usual sometime during the spin cycle. This morning though she started the call by asking about the blizzard. BLIZZARD? Apparently it was all over the TV..."Ohio Blizzard-Worst Snow Storm In Ten Years" I mean there is snow but I didn't think it was that big a deal. I guess we should have turned a TV on yesterday.

Right now we are going to try to power our way out of development. It is almost noon and we haven't seen a snow plow yet but we are guessing the main roads will be in better shape. We did go outside yesterday to play in the snow but it was blowing pretty hard and we couldn't stay out for long. If we can get the old family minivan out of the cul de sac we are going to try to do some snow tubing. Now I just need to assemble ten gloves (matching optional), 5 pair of snow boots, ski pants, hats and coats!

I think the boys shoveled the driveway at least 5 times on Saturday!!!

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