Word from the Front...I'm Going to Have My Hands Full

 March 9, 2012

 I have been blessed throughout this adoption with updates, photos and videos of our sweet child. Many adopting parents get one update, some get nothing.  As bittersweet as it is,  I am eternally grateful for all the information I have received.

Even just days away from travel I thrilled to get this update yesterday. 

The woman sending it is an adoptive mom who lives near me who is working at SFCV this week.  Last Saturday she came by my house to pick up a box of medical supply donations to bring to the orphanage and on the top of that box I slipped in a small photo album for our girl...

"Mia! She is ADORABLE! You are going to have your hands full ;-) She isn't the littlest bit shy, and I think she is the child in charge in her house ;-) 

 When we started walking around, we weren't sure what house she was in. When we walked into her house, she saw us and RAN towards us. She immediately gave J a big hug and wanted him to get down and play with her. She took my iphone and started to use her finger to move the screens up and down. J let her play Angry Birds for a few minutes ;-) When we tried to get the phone back from her, she took off running with it, laughing! Her nanny was kind of chasing her, and convinced her to bring it back to us, which she did. That first time we visited it was almost nap time, so after we were there just a few minutes, they told her it was time to go up to bed. She easily agreed, yelled "bye", then ran over and gave J and I both another hug. She is SOOO sweet!

After lunch, we went back over to her house with the book that you sent for her. When all the kids in the house saw that she was getting something, they all gathered around her as she looked at it. I pointed to each of you and told her names. She loved the book, and just kept turning the pages over and over. 

I then showed the book to her nannies, so that they realized that it was something specifically for Mia. They were soooo interested, and I pointed for them at each of you and told them who was in the pictures. I wasn't sure of the girl on the last page though? Anyway, then they were pointing for her, saying "Mia Mama, Mia Baba" etc. Mia loved it and was jumping up and down she was so excited ;-) 

J went back a few hours later, when I was over visiting a different house, and told me that she was carrying the book around with her everywhere still :)

I'm attaching a few pictures for you."

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