Long Day

 March 26, 2012

Kiefer, Mia and I just got back to the hotel after a very long day trip to Changsha. We were there delivering donations and also visiting with the great folks over at Butterfly House.  We were also able to meet with the Director of the Social Welfare Institute.

The visits were all very positive.  The babies I met last summer at Butterfly are now toddlers and they looks fat and healthy and perfect to me.  Amazing what love (and 24 hour per day nursing care) can do.

Our visit with the Director of the SWI was to discuss ways we can help kids find adoptive families.  I met some gorgeous kids needing mama's and baba's.  I cant wait to tell you about the three darling HEALTHY nine year old's we met!

But right now I'm beat and need to get some sleep...because the divine Miss M won't care if I'm too tired for her 6 am wake up call! 


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