The Band's Breaking Up

 March 24, 2012

Six Banyun Trees Temple
Yesterday was our last full day together in China. Dart and the kids (most of them) just left for Hong Kong where they will spend a brief time touring before flying back to the US.

Originally our plan was for just me to stay behind with Mia but last night we changed that plan.  Kiefer is now staying with me through the end of the trip.

(insert sigh of relief )

For various reasons we decided that I needed to have some support here with the baby and me. 

Last night’s migraine was the final wake up call for me.  I am used to acting (not always feeling) like superwoman but last night I was completely out of commission; nausea, vomiting the headache works.  And it scared me.  What on earth would I do if that happened again and I was alone with Mia?

Add to that the fact that my little Butterfly is a perpetual motion (and eating) machine.  She is awesome but also a lot of work.  I still have one last delivery of  medical supplies to make and it requires a 2.5 hr train trip to Changsha .  I am also meeting with officials at the SWI to discuss ways we can help advocate for the children there.  It means a lot to be able to go there but on my own, with a new baby and an 80 pounds duffel bag.  What was I thinking?

Thai goddess...the one Mia ran into and almost demolished
It cost a bundle (micro vent.. I HATE UNITED AIRLINES) but I think it was a smart choice.  Dart was much more relieved not to leave me here alone and frankly I’m breathing a little easier too.

It is quiet now and our suite finally seems big and peaceful.  While I will miss them all,  frankly  a whole lot of stress went with them. 

I loved being able to share this experience with my big kids but the reality of travel with a group, especially a group you are related to is not  an easy one.

Pagoda at Six Banyun Tree Temple

Honestly there were many moments when I regretted my decision to bring everyone and I was really glad we didn’t bring the Littles.  In the end though I think it was worth the pain.  I am certain the ugly bits will fade away soon enough (they always do) and the remaining memories will become part of our somewhat comical family lore.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (as a family). We are a very STRONG family.

weary travelers in front of a Banyun Tree

Our last day was spent sight seeing in Guangzhou. We visited the Six Banyan Trees Temple for a baby blessing (more on that later) and their was a tomb (forget what it was called) that was pretty cool.  

Jie Jie!

already getting emo about my baby boy leaving...yes he is cringing as I unload a big dose of PDA.  

Kiefer descending into the tomb

checking out what we think are radon detectors

totally worth a couple of hours while in GUZ.

Peace, Love Adoption!

much of this place looked Egyptian-there were even pyramids and mummys 

We finished with lunch at a Cantonese restaurant...but trust me on this one...don't eat here.

walking to lunch

ya know when you just KNOW you are not going to like it....

This boy always finds something he likes

always happy to be the center of attention

Girl loves her some broccoli

and this is why I said I didn't want to go to a Cantonese restaurant.

the head became a bit of a novelty...and my appetite was gone

thousands of fresh catch eel...suddenly the chicken doesn't seem so bad.

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