Bye Bye Baby Girls

 March 14, 2012

My last full day at home turned out to be the hardest of this adoption.  Today I put the girls on a plane to Tampa where they will stay with Grandma and Grampa while we are in China.

Ready to roll at CLE

 I wont see them for the next 16 days...

Half a month... sigh.

It was so much harder than I thought it would be.

Just the necessities Disney  luggage filled with toys and American Girl Dolls in a backpack

Both girls are VERY close to their grandparents who are snowbirds living 15 minutes away from us during the summer.  They counted down the days this week to THEIR TRIP to Florida. But as excited as they were when it came time to say goodbye The Bee clung to my neck and started to cry. After at least a half "one more hugs",  I finally had to peel her off me so she wouldn't miss her flight. just sucked.

My frequent flyers watched a movie and took a quick nap-such easy travelers!

DH flew them down (and then turned around and took the next flight home).  He told me they recovered quickly and were in a great mood the rest of the trip.  That's always the way right?  Harder on the parents then the kids.

I'll keep telling myself that anyway....

Safe and sound with Grampa Doug
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