So, any news yet?

 February 2, 2012

 I think I must get asked that question 5 times a day.  With good reason though, I mean it has been almost a year since we were matched.

We are STILL waiting on the Article 5 to be picked up.  With the agency delay in dropping it off and then getting caught in Chinese New Year holiday we don't think we will have our A5 until February 7th.  (Ugggh, that means what should have been a 10-11 days process will be a 32 day cluster-you-know-what.)

More and more it looks like travel is going to be pushed later into March or even early APRIL.  (Good grief.)

I'm really hoping that somehow or another we can travel on March 17th. That's the start of spring break and if we can leave then it would mean one less week of missed school for my favorite travel partner (not that he's fond of that idea mind you).

I've been in a rather disappointing discussion with my agency about travel fees which is sucking a lot of energy out of me.  They have some pretty unsavory practices with travel and they have succeeded in changing my opinion of them from being a competent committed tot he kids sort of agency to...well let's just I will no longer recommend them.

I still have one more entry on my "How to Select a China Agency" and I will be sharing my experience in detail there.  I may not be able to get much satisfaction for myself (yet) but at least I can help keep other from becoming a victim of these unethical practices.

In the meantime here's the latest picture of my growing girl.  We just got an update on her sizes. (Gotta shop (some more) ya know.)  BB weighs almost 24 pounds (average weight of an American 18 month old) is 35 inches tall (average height of an American 28 months old) and wears she a size 6 shoe.  At 3 years and 8 months she's a peanut, certainly by American standards but even on the Asian growth charts she's below the third percentile.  But she is healthy and smiling and it appears we have another small but mighty daughter on our hands!

Hey don't mess with me and my Mommy.  

Give us a TA quick and no one gets hurt!

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