Down on Duggars

 November 15, 2011

As most people have heard the Duggars are expecting their 20th child. And apparently, a lot of people have an opinion about that...a negative one.

Personally I have never paid much attention to the Duggars.  I know they have a lot of kids but honestly I don't know much more than that.  I've never watched or had a desire to watch their TV show and probably wouldn't even know number 20 was on the way except for the fact that they announced their pregnancy on the Today Show (which I do watch because as you know (now) I have a mad crush on Matt Lauer **sigh**.... I digress.)

Anyway this morning on the Today Show I heard the reaction to the Duggar's announcement almost crashed the Today Show blog when 15,000 comments came pouring in!

Let me say that again fifteen THOUSAND comments...that's like 750 comments per child!

Which is like totally crazy.

And I guess a whole lot of the 15,000 people who were compelled to opine on the Duggar's #20 were none too pleased about the situation.

Even the resident Today Show doctor was openly disapproving when she snarked that Mrs Duggar's uterus, "can't have any more spring left in it". (Ouch... that was uncalled for.)

Maybe I'm getting a bit large family sensitive or 45 year old mom sensitive or judgey-mcjudge-a-lots sensitive but why, why, WHY, are we criticizing this family?

Yeah I get it... 20 kids... it's a lot.

But so long as they are not MY 20 kids!

If she wants 20 children, can care for them, if that makes her and them happy, if they are healthy and loving and thriving, (and my 11 and a half minutes of reseach tells me this is the case) well then, who am I to judge?

This gratuitous photo has nothing to do with the Duggars except that I might consider having 20 kids with my man Matt....Don't judge me.

Cast a vote on TMB and then come back and tell me what you think about this Duggar obsession.  At 750 comments per child I only need 4,500 comments to keep pace with this super sized family.

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