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 November 18, 2011

Often when I post a waiting child profile I get comments from people saying in effect, "I would if I could".  There are many reasons offered for not being able to adopt but the one that I hear most often is simply that adoption is too expensive.

And they are right it is too expensive.  It is gross how much money is "required" to complete an adoption.  There are many reasons to be concerned with the cost component of adoption not the least of which is the incentive it provides for unscrupulous practices.  And while I acknowledge that point that is not what I want to write about today.

Instead I want to focus once again on some practical solutions that can help children already waiting for a home.  Adoption cost is one obstacle that can be overcome.

Starting today I will be sharing ways that families can better afford to adopt a waiting child.  I am going to share fundraising strategies, alternate (no/low cost) adoption programs, grant options and other ways to afford adoption I've come across in my years of involvement in the adoption community. My goal is simple...I want kids to get out of orphanages and get into families.

For some this is a hot topic.  The critics ask, "if you can't afford to pay for the adoption then how can you afford to raise the child"?  For me these are two unrelated issues.   There are strict income requirements that all adoptive parents must meet.  All adoptive parents must prove they are able to provide for their children.  However the barrier to entry...the barrier that keeps kids in institutional care (which is what drives me to do this) the cost of the adoption itself.

Adopting a child can range from little to no cost (foster care adoption) to 50,000 or more. Again, it shouldn't be like this-commerce needs to be removed from the adoption equation- but for right not it is the sad reality that is keeping kids from the families they need.

So with that said I'm going to start by introducing you to one way you might be able to earn additional income for adoption expenses. I'm starting here because this particular company is one many of my adoptive mom friends are already working with.  It is not for everyone, if its for you great if not check back next week for another idea.

I put this option in the category of taking on a second job.

Ava Anderson Consulting 
by Andrea Caesar, Adoptive Mom and #1 Sales Consultant

Fundraising played a crucial part in the successful completion of my adoption process as a single mother adopting from Kazakhstan in 2008-2009. During that time, I fund raised tirelessly and raised over $30,000 by doing yard sales, wreath fundraisers, spaghetti dinners, selling books on Amazon, you name it! Ava Anderson did not exist at the time. If it had existed, I would have raised the money in half the time it took me.

Ava Anderson offers an opportunity for consultants to work on their own time, as much or as little as they please. We share a crucial health message about the state of personal care products in the U.S. and how toxic ingredients in every day products cause problematic pregnancies, infertility, autism, cancer, ADHD, allergies, hormone disruption, and more. As an Ava consultant, you will also have access to our healthy products at a discounted price. Ava consultants earn 30-50% commission and if you build a team of consultants, you will also earn overwrites off of their sales! While you will want to give your Ava business your all to raise money as quickly as possible for your adoption, there are no penalties for months with no sales (for example when you get 'the call').

Are YOU looking for a way to raise adoption funds by:
  • work that makes a DIFFERENCE in the lives you touch?
  • personal care products that STAND-OUT from the crowd?
  • HEALTHIER choices for you, your family, and the environment?
  • earn money for your adoption while having FUN?
  • align with LIKE-MINDED people who care about the health and welfare of their communities?
  • an OPPORTUNITY to get in on the ground floor and build a business without limits?
  • a company that CARES about your SUCCESS and provides resources and support to help you succeed?
  • PARTIES with a purpose? Because we believe parties provide the best customer experience and most EFFECTIVE way to earn the most money in the least amount of time.
  • Work on Ava Anderson's #1 team in America which already has over 50 adoptive moms!
SPECIAL NOVEMBER SIGN UP OFFER:  Sign up as an Ava consultant in November 2011 and have the opportunity to earn your $99 starter kit fee back for FREE! Just sell $1500 in retail product (not counting tax & shipping) and you will receive $150 in free products AND your $99 start kit refunded.

When you sign up for $99, you will instantly get a website, access to weekly free training, and a starter kit containing over $300 worth of products for your parties. You will be contacted by Andrea Caesar, Ava Anderson's #1 consultant nationally for over a year (and mom to 2 year old Anelya, born in Kazakhstan) and placed on one of the adoptive mom legs of her team from around the entire country. We look forward to you joining our Ava family and can't WAIT to follow your adoption journey. For more information, contact Andrea Caesar at

(As a quick disclaimer, I do NOT personally benefit from any of the ideas I present in this series.)

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