LOA Any Day

 November 14, 2011

We are at the point of the adoption process that gets really hard for me.

photo received this morning....
It has been 50 days since our log in date.  In that 50 days I have easily focused on the busy-ness of my life.  Thoughts of my daughter are always there of course but not thoughts of adoption, (if that makes any sense).

But now 50 days into the wait for our Letter of Approval I am finally inside a window of possibility that our approval could come any day.  It could come today! (In theory anyway.)

And that means I am once again riding the adoption crazy train.  

All aboard!!

Those who have been there know the drill....email stalking, calls to your agency, obsessive checking of message boards, maybe a few excel sheets to calculate timelines...

It's like a song stuck in you head. A background thought you can't escape, a TLC series worthy obsession..... ANY. DAY.



Maybe even today.

(But probably not since the average wait time is something like 90 days and climbing....but there are some who have gotten their approvals earlier. Aaaaaaahhhhhh wouldn't it be nice to finally have something in this adoption go faster and easier than expected? 


I really want to hold my baby girl. )

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