Do You Hear What I Hear?

 November 21, 2011


Did you hear it?

That big. loud, giant sucking sound.

No worries it's just me.

Holding my breathe.

Starting today (according to my own -usually ignored- adoption calculations) my LOA/LSC could come any day.

Any minute even.


Never mind....just checked my inbox....not my agency. (Zulily has some cute dresses though.)

Hmmm how many times will this repeat itself?

....refresh, reboot, repeat.


Never mind again just a Groupon.

Today marks SEVEN MONTHS since we received our referral. The LOA watch is officially underway. This SHOULD be the last unpredictable wait in this adoption. (kncoks on wood)
 Lord help me...and everyone around me if something else is delayed.

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