Stuffing or Dressing?

 November 22, 2011

Really Grampa Doug
I'm going to my sister's house for Thanksgiving this year.  Fortunately since we grew up in the same house she knows the RIGHT way to may the stuffing.  Which is in my book the thing that makes or breaks the Thanksgiving dinner. 

 It's one of the reasons I don't like to travel for Thanksgiving. 

Eating at someone else's house means there is a very good chance the stuffing will be filled with some foreign substance (my father in law favors oysters!), which can ruin the whole meal...not to mention the next days turkey sandwich (I put stuffing on mine).

I'm not a picky eater.

But for Thanksgiving I am.

How about you, are you cooking this year?

Is it stuffing or dressing?

In the bird or out?

Cornbread, sausage, chestnuts, apples, oysters?

What's your RIGHT way to make the stuffing?

PS according to Wolfgang Puck (who uses oysters in his dressing -gah) there is a difference between stuffing and dressing and the terms are not interchangeable. Stuffing, as the name implies, is actually stuffed into and cooked inside the bird. Dressing, by contrast, cooks separately in a baking dish.

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