Ear Muffins

 November 20, 2011

I know it's moderately obnoxious to visit Santa before we even carve the Thanksgiving turkey but what the heck he was there, the girls were dressed like pink elves, there weren't any lines and no one was crying, snoting or covered in ketchup.  These are things a well tested mom does NOT take for granted.

The girls were thrilled and once on his lap they practically interrogated poor St Nick.

How did you get here? 
Where are your reindeer? 
Do you know my name?  
Do you know my dog's name? 
Do you know my sister was pouting today?  
Does the Elf on the Shelf talk to you? 
Are you married? 
Do you know my grandma moved to Florida?

And what did they ask for?

Ladybug asked a guitar and then demonstrated her mad air guitar skills.  (She's a freakin riot.)

And the Bee, she asked for her sister to come home from China...and a jingle bell.


The bugs in pink santa dresses, glitter boots and "ear muffins"

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